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Exclusive Services

These tailored services address the specific needs of each industry, demonstrating how Canary is committed to enhancing safety and security across a wide range of applications.

Security Industry

Explosive Detection Technology:

Immediate and precise detection of explosives for government agencies, military organizations,

and commercial entities.

Drug Detection Solutions:

Advanced solutions for the identification of illicit

drugs in security operations.

Chemical Substance Detection Systems:

Cutting-edge systems for the detection of

hazardous chemicals in high-security environments.

Security Industry Products:

Specialized products designed to meet the unique

needs of the security industry, including

transportation hubs and event venues.


Healthcare Sector

Disease Detection Technology:

Innovative technology for the rapid detection of diseases, including viruses, in healthcare settings.

Healthcare Sensitivity Solutions:

Solutions for individuals with sensitivities to specific odorous compounds, improving the healthcare environment for patients and healthcare providers.


Environmental Monitoring

Biological Hazard Detection Systems:

Systems for monitoring and detecting mold, biological hazards, and harmful substances in various environments benefit individuals and organizations.

Chemical Substance Monitoring:

Advanced technology for identifying and monitoring harmful chemicals, offering environmental safety and awareness


Food Industry

Allergen Detection Technology:

Technology for allergen management, ensuring

food safety in food manufacturers, restaurants,

and airline catering services.

Food Safety Solutions:

Solutions to guarantee the safety and quality

of food products, protecting consumers and

individuals with allergies.

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